Headline About Diary BBS
This is the リトライエラー th howdy!
Profile page was updated.August 9, 2006
As a memento to establish a new record at 123th TOEIC test, I updated profile page. And then I created a new Page "Self portraits" to hold my old portraits.
Barista's profile page was disclosed.May 25, 2006
I disclosed my biodata summary. I will update the data and the self portrait frequently.
About page was disclosed.May 17, 2006
About this site, for example the meaning of the site's name, the purpose of this site and so on were explaind. If you had other questions, please ask me on the BBS and I will add the answer into this page.
Background image was chanaged.May 6, 2006
Beacause old background image was very cheap, I created a new background image from a photo of coffee cup which was served at the mariage party.

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